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Anonymous asked: Do you have any advice on becoming a strategist?

First figure out what you want to provide strategy towards. There’s so many facets of it and you can find something that plays to your strengths.

For me it’s brand strategy, product strategy, design strategy and business strategy usually focused around a consumer product or service. 

All strategy boils down to is the ability to articulate how someone goes from point A to B and why they should do it a certain way and the results of how’ll they’ll succeed if they do.

As for “becoming a strategist”, I say dive in. Find openings in shops that are looking for Jr people or even internships to get your feet wet. 

As this is the first time anyone’s ever asked me on here this type of question, feel free to keep ‘em coming folks. 

A Study In Abstractions, Bravo  IDg — 2014

A Study In Abstractions, Bravo  IDg — 2014


James Garner and Bruce Lee
Just for the record, Garner is 6’3”


James Garner and Bruce Lee

Just for the record, Garner is 6’3”


"I think that movies are different things to different people. To me, they’re a really important part of cultural identity. They’re a great touchstone to who we were and what were on about at any given time. You look back to the cinema of the ’70s and ’80s and you see all different types of actors and palettes. It wasn’t so much about physical perfection. You had very odd leading men. It’s interesting how movies and culture reflect who we are. You’ll find that the movie business is paid for by those mega movies. The movie business is paid for by Big Macs. By movies as product. Movie studios use that term “product” all the time. Product? You mean you have a lot of stories? No, we have a lot of product. You have stories."



"Songwriters aren’t touring people,’ says Bono."


bonoU2 and Apple Working on ‘Secret Project’ to Save the Music Industry | SPIN | Music News

Too be honest, they could do it. Dr Dre, Jimmy Iovine, iTunes, iOS, bloody Bono! There’s enough clout there to make some pretty nuts stuff come out of thin air.

"First things first: I’m the realest.” This is the first line of “Fancy,” a single that has dominated the hip-hop charts since June. “Fancy” is by Iggy Azalea, a white woman from Mullumbimby, Australia, whose self-presentation—Barbie-doll tresses, callipygian glamazon physique, perfectly placed beauty mark—dares us to wonder what about her, if anything, is real. “I’m still in the murder business,” she continues, though this is clearly meant to be figurative. (Before she was in the rapping and modelling businesses, she was in the house-cleaning business.) The music video for “Fancy” is an homage to the movie “Clueless,” which was an homage to “Emma,” a comic novel about a calculating young gentlewoman. In interviews, Azalea speaks with her natural Australian accent; in “Fancy,” she raps the phrase “hold you doooown” in a bad pastiche of a Southern African-American twang, all pinched vowels and vocal fry. If this person is “the realest,” what can “real” possibly mean?"


imageIggy Azalea and Realness in Hip-Hop

Nothing says, “This has gotten out of hand” like a New Yorker think piece on hip-hop.

She’s a magnetic field, shower of sparks when she comes on — 2014

She’s a magnetic field, shower of sparks when she comes on — 2014

You’ve been away past the far horizon — 2014

You’ve been away past the far horizon — 2014

Today in dystopian robots that will one day harvest us for our organs

"If 20th century Futurists loved the race car, Bifo argues, then 21st century technocrats are in love with technologies that augment the body with information: “The bio-info machine is no longer separable from the body or mind, because it’s no longer an external tool, but an internal transformer of body and mind, a linguistic and cognitive enhancer."

- imageWhat the hell are people applauding for when they applaud the Apple Watch?  » Cyborgology

"Television has made it very clear that we are at a frontier. Not only have shows like “The Sopranos” and “Mad Men” heralded the end of male authority; we’ve also witnessed the erosion of traditional adulthood in any form, at least as it used to be portrayed in the formerly tried-and-true genres of the urban cop show, the living-room or workplace sitcom and the prime-time soap opera. Instead, we are now in the age of “Girls,” “Broad City,” “Masters of Sex” (a prehistory of the end of patriarchy), “Bob’s Burgers” (a loopy post-“Simpsons” family cartoon) and a flood of goofy, sweet, self-indulgent and obnoxious improv-based web videos."


The Death of Adulthood in American Culture -


On a random Tuesday in September
• Apple made a computer for your wrist that makes sense
• Improved versions of one of the best mobile computers you can buy
• Ushered in a seamless way to pay with your phone or your watch
• Created new paradigms for human-computer interaction

Imagine if we were real satellites, with real swing, real style. — 2014

Imagine if we were real satellites, with real swing, real style. — 2014

Notes from “The Beginning of Infinity” by David Deutsch

September 8, 2014 
Chapter 9. Optimism

When the determinants of future events are unknowable, how should one prepare for them? How can one? Given that some of those determinants are beyond the reach of scientific prediction, what is the right philosophy of the unknown future? What is the rational approach to the unknowable – to the inconceivable? That is the subject of this chapter.

One of the more intimidating ways to start a chapter. 

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The Beginning of Infinity
David Deutsch
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